Thiers - Issard Straight Razors Latest Arrivals

Posted: 2017-03-01 17:12:50 UTC   

Thiers-Issard of France handcraft some of the finest quality straight razors in the world, forged and ground using traditional methods that have changed very little since Pierre Thiers first established the company in 1884. From The Gentleman's Groom Room ordering these straight razors it takes around 4 months for the razors to arrive in store , a testament to the work and handcraftsmanship that goes into producing these quality pieces. A well-maintained Thiers- Issard straight will last a lifetime. The Gentleman's Groom Room constantly change the Thiers- Issard range and models... in this latest batch we have received a good stock of their 6/8 Blond Horn Feston Spartacus, 6/8 Black Horn Bucephale, 6/8 Historic Peacock with hand-painted scales and the 5/8 Black Plastic Le Dandy. All razors come complete with leather travel/storage cases.

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