Rex Ambassador Stainless Steel Adjustable DE Razor

Posted: 2018-03-13 15:47:45 UTC   

Rex Supply Co.'s experience with razors has inspired a desire to create the best razor possible. They have used the highest marine-grade stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and so advanced it requires specialized machining. They have continued the Gillette date code system (2017 = M) and have included serial numbers for quality control and product registration.

Shaving with an Ambassador is smooth and efficient - it's very easy to find the right blade angle and because it's infinitely adjustable, getting the perfect shave is just a matter of turning the dial up or down for a closer or more mild shave. The weight is hefty and balanced right below the adjustment dial - perfect for letting the razor do the work. The Sure Grip knurled handle makes holding onto this razor easy and comfortable - especially in wet conditions. In stock now at our Dundee shaving shop priced at £185.00

•Lifetime warranty
•100% Made in USA
•316L Stainless Steel, Brushed finish
•Infinitely Adjustable blade gap
•Individually Serial Numbered
•Date Code in-line with Gillette system

Length: 3.5" 87mm
Weight: 3.5oz 100g

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