Digress HD B Adjustable Safety Razor Brass Retrofit


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Submitted on 2015-06-25

Ian, I received my long DIGRESS, HD-BRASS a couple of days ago, all I can say is WOW, WOW and WOW absolutely beautiful, a razor for Royalty. The heft and beauty of this razor is second to none, in my own opinion is, I truly believe that the Digress I have purchased from The Gentleman's Groom Room is the finest and the best safety razor money can by. It also gives the best shave., this is only my opinion.
Thank's, Michael DiSano
Johnston Rhode Island
United States of America

Fabulous Razor!
Submitted on 2015-08-05

So I've waited a few weeks before I made this review because I wanted to try the razor on a few different settings. I've now done that (I've shaved with it from setting 1 to 5+). this really is a great razor, It gets the job done without being too aggressive. Its certainly smooth enough to shave with every day if you want to. Setting 3 is about the same level of aggression as a Edwin Jagger DE89 in my opinion. I love the weight of the brass, I find a heavy razor easier to shave with than a light one. I've found it works well with a Feather or Shark blade. Well worth the money!

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Digress HD B Adjustable Safety Razor Brass Retrofit

The Merkur Progress 500 safety razor dubbed the 'Digress' by members of the UK wet shaving forum The Shaving Room is retrofitted in the UK with a custom made brass (HD) dial and calibrated for improved adjustment and dial accuracy. Gone is the plastic setting dial of the original , replaced with a high quality brass finish which improves the all-over look of this classic Merkur razor. The contrasting brass fluted adjustment dial looks simply stunning on this razor. The 'Digress' part has been designed, manufactured and retrofitted in the UK and these fantastic razors are available exclusively from The Gentleman's Groom Room Dundee, Scotland. The 'Digress' HD B retrofit handle height is 84mm and an overall weight of approx 113g. Existing Merkur Progress 500 or 510 owners can have the UK retrofit done to their razor at the cost of £55 please contact Ian at the shop for further details.  



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