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Schorem's Reuzel Pomades

The Gentleman's Groom Room are proud to now offer our customers Holland's finest pomade, Reuzel. Schorem is an old school men-only barbershop in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam, with more than fifty years of barbering and grooming ex...Read more

Uppercut Deluxe Pomades

Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950’s barbershop and its spiritual founder, Willy “Uppercut” O’Shea, Uppercut Deluxe is a modern, yet traditional approach to men’s grooming. An Australian born brand proudly made with only the finest ingredients...Read more

Geo F Trumper Herbal Shampoo

It was announced by Geo F Trumper that they will no longer be producing their herbal shampoo range which consists of Lavender, Valerian, Nettle, Melissa, Camomile and Thyme. The Gentleman's Groom Room will continue to offer these fantastic shampoos w...Read more

Ineke Perfumer San Francisco

The Gentleman's Groom Room are pleased to announce we are now a stockist of Ineke fragrances San Francisco and the first to bring the products of this excellent fragrance house to Scotland. As one of a small number of classically-trained perfumers in t...Read more

Village Barber Shaving Products

We were recently contacted by Iain Kane from the Village Barber Durham England recognising The Gentleman's Groom Room as " A prestigious retailer of high quality men's grooming products" and inviting us to become one of their mainline stockists and res...Read more

2014 The Year Of The Horse!

The Gentleman's Groom Room's selection of horse hair shaving brushes are all manufactured by Vie-Long, a family business established in Spain in 1940 who specialise in shaving brushes and are world renowned for the use of horse hair in many of their to...Read more

The 3 T's in Dundee

<strong>The 3 T's in Dundee</strong> We are pleased to welcome the arrival of products from the World's Oldest Barber Shop, Truefitt and Hill. The Gentleman's Groom Room are proud to now be an official stockist of the famous '3 T's' - Taylor's, Trumpe...Read more