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Vintage Fatboy/Slim Latest Arrivals

Just in from the USA is our latest batch of fully restored vintage Gillette Fatboy and Gillette Silm adjustable safety razors. In store now are 3 beautifully restored first quarter 1959 Fatboy's finished in a custom re-plating of Rhodium, each razor is...Read more

Whats Your Favourite Number?

Recently we extended our range of Czech and Speake's wonderful No 88 fragrance to include not only the cologne but No 88 aftershave, bath soap, travel shaving soap in aluminium tin and refill shaving soaps. Here we spotlight the classic colognes from o...Read more

Fatboy / Slim

The Gentleman's Groom Room are now offering our customers two of the most sought after vintage safety razors many consider to be the bench mark in traditional safety razors, the Gillette Fatboy and the Gillette Slim. We will specialise in only these tw...Read more

The Italian Job

In the summer of 2008 we added 'The Italian Job' to our existing menu of shaves, since then it has become a favourite shave with many of our customers particularly in the Summer months as this shave provides the client with such a cooling and refreshin...Read more

Latest Arrivals To The Shop

Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap - First produced in the early 1930's and a favourite with the traditional wet shaver, Mitchell's Wool Fat is a very gentle shaving soap and is particularly soothing to sensitive skins, sold in a decorative ceramic bowl ...Read more

Dundee Mo Bros And Mo Sistas

The Gentleman's Groom Room were delighted to help when staff members at Dundee College who are coordinating a team to be involved in Movember 2010 got in touch. Their colleague Stewart Hutt agreed to have his moustache, which he has sported for 20 year...Read more

Movember In The Sun

The Gentleman's Groom Room got a call from national newspaper The Sun who were looking for a few moustache grooming tips and information on the styles of moustache that could be grown over MOVEMBER, for a Movember article. A copy of the article that ap...Read more

Essence of Scotland Across The Pond

The Gentleman's Groom Room are pleased to announce to our US and Canadian customers that our hugely popular Essence Of Scotland range of traditional shaving soaps, Sweet Gale and Scottish Heather are now on sale in the USA, available both in-store and ...Read more

Sponsored By GIllette

THE GENTLEMAN'S GROOM ROOM THE UK'S FLAGSHIP SITE AND RETAIL SHOP FOR MEN'S GROOMING, PRODUCTS, ADVICE & INFORMATION are pleased to announce our partnership with Men's Life Today. Sponsored by Gillette, we're pleased to announce the newest section...Read more