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Re- Digress Safety Razor

Hi Ian,

Confirming that my razor arrived today. WOW! --it looks superb – I can’t wait to get shaved with it in the morning.
I am delighted with it. I had a thought that the extra length in the handle might have looked overpowering but it looks as though it was meant to be that way.

Many thanks for all your help.


Re- Essence of Scotland Shaving Soaps

Hi Ian,

my order has arrived me in Germany today.

Many thanks for the perfect deal and the great stuff.

Kindest regards


Re- Digress Safety Razor

Good afternoon,

Just to let you know, the razor arrived yesterday, safe and sound. Absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to giving it a whirl. Cheers


Re- Digress Safety Razor

Hi Ian,

HD B arrived today and has already been given an outing.

Very different weight distribution to the progress (as it to be expected) and I look forward to trying a few different blades in to mix and match to my taste. Quality and feel of the knob compared to the standard progress is like night and day, it certainly completes the razor. I'm maybe weird but I'm looking forward to the brass taking on an aged appearance over time as well.

Thank you also for the samples, I've been wanting to try a rose cream or soap for a little while I've already got enough software to last 'a few' years and was having trouble justifying another software purchase so that’s much appreciated.

Kind Regards


Re- Digress Safety Razor

Hey Ian,

The parcel arrived today, thank you.

It's really similar in length and weight to my Mergress XL so just perfect to what I like. The adjustment piece is beautifully finished and, which I like, is a fair bit firmer than my Mergress. Every time I rinse the Mergress, I have to check as the adjust always moves a little. This one should stay where I want it on the settings, but it still at a very nice tension for adjustment when required.

Great to get this one and thanks again for the sale - much appreciated!


Re- Digress Safety Razor

I have to say I am mightily impressed with the HD so far, it consistently gives the best shaves I've had. The LD is for my travel kit - so all being well I'll be able to have the perfect shave 7 days a week.

All the best,

Dear Sir,

My new Digress razor has arrived safely, and I am very pleased indeed with it. It's superb quality, and puts my old short, plastic-knob Progress in the shade.

Many thanks.

P. Parke

Hi Ian,
I was in a store in Pasadena, California and ran into some of your
product....the Heather shave soap. Surprised it was there and bought a
tub to try. Smelled really nice and look forward to having it work well
on the face. This shop was about 2 hours from my house so a bit of a
jaunt but once or twice a year is going to happen. The store is The Old
Town Shaving Company.



Just to say I've received the Digress HD B razor. The razor is as reliable as the original Merkur Progress.

The brass knob machine work is a great replacement for the original and stays truer to form than the Mergress version ( I have the XL version). Thanks for keeping me informed with an order update. Great doing business with your company.




Re- Digress Safety Razor

Hi Ian

The razor has just arrived, it's a beauty! Thanks for the few extras as well. I'll be using it tonight.

Very happy.

Best wishes


Hi Ian,

just let me say that I got my first EOS Scottish Heather from TBS - mate Scott! What a wonderful soap which definitely has become one of my favourites!

As I told Scott: It reminds me on standing in the fields, looking down the cliffs to the sea! I will get more of that.

Greetings from Germany,


The Merkur Progress "'Digress UK Retrofit"

Truly an excellent razor - on a par with my IKON OSS. I am so glad that I have added this to my collection of DE razors.

Great balance, easy to find a good cutting angle - no irritation after the shave.

As always, thank you for your excellent advice.


Hi Ian,

I booked in for The Italian Job shave on my graduation day, it really set me up for the day ahead and I left your shop feeling a million dollars!

Many thanks,



Greetings from the US! I have your Mountain Yew soap and it is my favorite soap, it smells great and lathers a nice, thick, slick protective lather, first class! Your soap is really something to be proud of.

Jim Wolverton

Great to have a reliable supplier with good international response to customer queries! Inspired me to write Leadership and the Art of Shaving


Tony Latimer, MCC

Master Executive Coach

Training Director , Asia Pacific Corporate Coach Institute


Hello Ian,

Visited your shop for the first time on Saturday, what a quaint little shop, loved the tinkle of the old style bell on entering the shop, a real Aladdin's Cave to wet shaving. Thank you for your help and advice your product knowledge is second to none. Will be visiting again very soon.


William M


Thanks Ian,

Postie turned up with the goods

Tip-top, can't believe I've waited 41 years for a proper shave

Thanks again


Dear Ian,

It was nice to meet you in your shop earlier this week and fascinating to see the range of products that you stock. I just wish I could have bought more than I did! I had a great shave with the Sweet Gale this morning - very nice indeed (my wife likes the fragrance too, which is something!). The alum block and the Trumpers extract of limes skin food made all the difference to the comfort of the shave afterwards too.

Jo Johnson


Purchased the Merkur 43c from yourselves about 2 months ago now and what a revelation ,helpful advice from yourself and really enjoy shaving again with a fantastic range of products...



Hi Ian

I received my order the other day and have to say I am delighted with my purchases. Thank you very much for forwarding on the 200ml skinfood instead of the 100ml, that was very kind of you. My friend and I have just started straight razor shaving and are experimenting with a number of different soaps and creams etc. I was pleased to find there was somewhere in Scotland who stock a great selection of the well known brands. We're both just outside Glasgow, but I'm sure we'll take a trip up to Dundee at some point see the shop, and no doubt, have ourselves a shave while we are there! In the meantime, I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

All the very best and thanks again


Just to let you know order 268 arrived yesterday. Very carefully packed, very happy with everything. Many thanks.

I have also gone to and given your business the highest possible rating over:

Trustworthiness, Vendor reliability, Privacy, Child safety.

Your service is very good altogether.

Kind regards


Hi I have bought several items from your shop in the past, my recent purchase of an open razor is without doubt my best shaving product I have ever bought. I would like to thank you for your help and advice and will most definitely be visiting your shop again and will be recommending your shop and services to others, great range of products and always a very helpful service, although I don't stay locally always well worth a visit.


Brian L


Thanks for fitting Mick in the other day. I mentioned that he had previously had a shave at some outfit in London. You'll be pleased to know that he preferred Thursday's at the GGR! I have told him to tell all his colleagues in Canary Wharf about you and the web site. If you start getting a lot of expensive orders to be delivered in the London area I want commission!

Last night as he was packing, I suddenly realised that taking a bottle of liquid and 10 razor blades as hand luggage on a London bound flight may not be such a good idea. I have boxed them up and am shipping them down today. He was very disappointed that he wouldn't be having his first shave with his new kit until Saturday.

Thanks again from another satisfied customer.



Hello Ian.

In another testimonial my pal Alan B mentioned me by name and how the products I bought from you followed me down to London by post to avoid my being arrested as a potential hijacker on the flight down. Well, they arrived safely and I've enjoyed them very much indeed. Thanks for the shave, the advice and a fine morning. I have told several of my more discerning colleagues about the GGR so, you never know, perhaps you'll need to open a London branch! Many thanks once again - I shall be sure to book a return visit the next time I come up to Fife.


Hi Ian,

I bought the Geo F. Trumper Sandalwood Cologne and Deodorant in your shop today and I have to say that they are superb. Once the air hit the Sandalwood that I tested, it really improved and it does last a long time and, like you said, a little goes a long way.

Your shop is a gem and is a major credit to Dundee.

Thank you,


Hello Ian,

My Order #305 has arrived in Moscow.
Everything is perfect!

Many thanks and all the best,


Hi Ian,

Had a fantastic time looking around your shop for the first time, yesterday. There's nothing like this in Aberdeen, so now I've got the perfect excuse to justify the odd trip here and there down the road!!

Best Wishes,

Neil B

Hi Ian

I drove to Dundee when on a visit to Scotland to see the shop, amazing. Never seen so much shaving related items under one roof. The other half said I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Many thanks for all your help in assisting me with my purchases.



Popped into the shop in December when out shopping with my daughter.
After a chat you sorted me out with the TOBS Jermyn Street pre-shave,
cream and aftershave. Finally I can shave without my face complaining.
Thank you for taking the time to listen, and for providing such great advice.


Re-Digress Safety Razor

Hi Ian, how’re you?

Just to let you know that, subsequent to my last e-mail - and some undue anxiety - my razor arrived, safely, this afternoon! What an absolute dream of engineering to hold and behold! Absolutely over the moon with it and can’t wait to try it out later on today.

Thanks again, and all the best,


Neil Barnett,


Thank very much indeed for taking the time out of your day to track one item! Before becoming disabled I spent 40 years in various sales related positions. I became very conscious of the type of customer service I and those working for me offered. And to the level of service I was granted. You have , to use an oft claimed but seldom realized, "exceeded my expectations". I intend to let others interested in shaving know what a wonderful experience awaits them if they contact you.


Hal "Wolf" Balaban



Just to say thanks for recommending calani oriental plum shaving soap. Bought it on Friday on my visit to your shop and tried it today. Just had the best and most enjoyable shave I've had to date. I'll be stocking up on more calani on my next visit!!
Regards, Stuart


At last I take the time to give you some feedback on my father’s Italian shave at the end of June.

Go to a Gentleman’s Groom Room for a very caring and gentle service executed with great skill and method. My father thoroughly enjoyed his first ever shave done by someone else than himself. The care and attention he received were great. He did not simply “get a shave”, he received first class service. The shop and treatment room are reassuringly nothing fancy but it is an address I now recommend to all men!

Kind regards,


Muhle R41 'The Beast'
Hi Ian,
It was with a mixture of trepidation and excitement that I put a Rapira blade in the beauty I purchased from you this afternoon; leathered up my face with "The Fat" and my wonderful Chubby 2 and started my first pass. Well what a DE shaving experience! You could feel the beast waiting to bite you with one mistake. Two days growth and it cut through it like butter two passes would have been fine WTG and XTG but I thought what the hell and went ATG my face now feels like my ten month old Grandson! Probably the closest shave I've had and can you believe it, no nicks! Well impressed with the Muhle R41!!
Kind regards,

Hi Ian,
Just to let you know the Essence of Scotland Sweet Gale shaving soap arrived yesterday, shaved with it this morning... a keeper that will go straight into my rotation of soaps. Great scent, cushion and slip. My new favourite!


First visit to your store today, wow! I felt like I had just stepped back in time! A wonderful display of shaving brushes , safety and open razors in the glass cabinets. My first visit, but certainly not my last.



I just received a container of your wonderful Malt N Myrtle shave soap and had a great shave with it this morning. Unusual and absolutely delightful.

I was inspired to find your site and order another tub or two, but found that it's only produced in November. Rest assured, I'll be waiting anxiously for the next few months - and hoarding my small supply.

Best regards,

Hi Ian,
I tried the Taylor of Old Bond Street Peppermint shaving cream that I purchased from your establishment yesterday and just had the most fantastically cooling shave, spot on for the Summer months...even in Scotland!! Many thanks for introducing this product to me.
James K,

Hello Ian,

So happy I finally found a store of the quality of yours easily compatible with the best in London.

I've already aquired a pair of excellent razors and several brushes and soaps from you, but this customised razor in the raffle is something special so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to win one.

Thanks for the chance and I'm sure it won't be too long before I visit the shop again.

All the very best


Just to say thank you - We were in your shop on Saturday. We were the four folk looking at the no88, Vetiver and Cuba fragrances. A quite beautifully stocked shop and great to find close to home. Thank-you for your kind and friendly help and the opportunity to try these too, especially the Cuba.
I/we will be back.
All the best.