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Gently scented with the wonderful Floris Cefiro this antibacterial deodorant stick is alcohol and aluminium-free to prevent pores from being blocked, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Added vitamin E protects the delicate underarm area maintaining th...Read more


Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Deodorant Spray, specially formulated to neutralise odour and freshen the skin.


GB Kent's red stained wood Art 8S nail brush will easily remove accumulated dirt, while also gently protecting your nails and cuticles without scratching. The 98mm nail brush is filled with firm natural white bristle. Featuring an additional single...Read more


Kent beige 100% recyclable Supersoft toothbrushes are designed to massage sensitive gums and agitate deeply between teeth into crevices to remove plaque and food particles. The Antibacterial silver-coated bristles, care for sensitive teeth and promo...Read more


Black Edition is a surprising and contemporary soap, that will make you feel clean and detoxed, transforming your overall bathing experience. It is infused with jojoba and organic grape-seed oils to condition, and with bamboo charcoal powder deeply cle...Read more


Start your day with the elegance of a timeless classic. This soap will revive your senses and make you feel ready to take on the world. Classic Scent, encapsulates the original Musgo Real fragrance in a determinedly masculine blend of vetiver, patchoul...Read more


Start your day feeling bold and uplifted with this soap’s toning effect. Oak Moss holds a long-lasting woody mix of spices, moss and hay. Formulated with 100% vegetable oils, it is enriched with walnut extract, for an optimal moisturizing effect. Each ...Read more


Start your day with new found vitality. This soap will make you feel energized and refreshed. Orange Amber combines honeyed hints of petitgrain and orange blossom with zesty lemon and lavender. Formulated with 100% vegetable oils, it is enriched with w...Read more


Captivating and exotic, this soap will give you feel daring and edgy. Spiced Citrus, fuses hot spices, incense and wood notes with lime and coriander, for a uniquely uplifting cocktail of aromas. Formulated with 100% vegetable oils, it is enriched with...Read more


OUT OF STOCK The Omega Alum Stick is made from a natural mineral that is revered for its ability to soothe shaving irritation and help stop nicks and cuts from bleeding by just wetting the Alum with cold water and applying to face after shaving. ...Read more


Hierbas de Mallorca’s signature natural fragrance shower gel is revitalising for both mind and body. Notes include Bergamot, Lemon and Orange peels, Sage, Lavender, Camomile, Coriander, Nard and Jasmine.


OUT OF STOCK Marvis clear plastic stand, designed to hold the large 75ml and 85ml Marvis tubes.