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Bath & Shower Gel


The perfect Gift for the GFT fan. 1 x 100ml GFT Hair and Body Wash. 1 x 75ml GFT Deodorant. 1 x 75g GFT Shaving Cream Tube. 1 x 50ml GFT cologne.


Geo F Trumper GFT Hair and Body Wash (200ml) This 2 in 1 wash carries the signature GFT fragrance. A citrus fresh gel with mandarin, bergamot and lemon on a musk like base of cedar and moss, this hair and body wash is a must have for your travel or gym...Read more


Fragranced with Sweet Almond Oil, Trumpers Almond Oil Body Wash contains natural oils which leave the skin feeling wonderfully soft and moisturised.


Paisley Hair and Body Wash with the exciting scent of Trumpers Paisley Cologne. Each layer will react differently on different skin giving this intoxicating cologne a new layer of olfactory delight, notes of cardamon infused with pepper and spearmin...Read more


Mayfair Hair and Body Wash lathers beautifully and is infused with the exotic fragrance of Trumpers Mayfair Cologne. The perfect way to start your day with a touch of luxury.


Havana Hair and Body Wash, fragranced with the enticing scent of Geo F Trumper's Havana Cologne. This intoxicating fragrance has been formulated to evoke the swaying and rustling of Cuba’s one hundred different species of palm trees. With layers o...Read more


A classic addition to the Arlington line, this 200g soap-on-a-rope is a traditional yet quirky soap bar. Triple-milled in the UK for a longer-lasting, quality lather. Consequently, with none of the drying effects traditionally associated with soap bars...Read more


 Now a popular part of the Arlington Range. Arlington Bath & Shower Gel comes in an easy to use plastic container. It is most economical to use and leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling fragrant.


Windsor is a fresh, complex fragrance starting with citrus overtones and maturing into a warm, leathery scent with notes of black pepper and vetiver. The scent is the perfect mix of traditional, understated luxury and fresh, contemporary vibrancy. The ...Read more


A stunning D.R. Harris Earthenware pot made by Burleigh in Stoke-on-Trent, containing luxurious Arlington bath salts. Includes a beautifully crafted scoop. The ideal gift or indulgent treat for yourself. One scoopful in a bath of warm water will sof...Read more


Wiberg's Pine Bath Essence. A stimulating bath additive containing a blend of essential oils. The aroma is strong, dry and balsamic with a camphorous undertone.