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Safety Razors


G+F Timor Walnut Handle with Nickel Trim Closed Comb Safety Razor, supplied in a smart lined box with an extra open comb interchangeable head and one DE blade.


This three piece open comb razor is engineered to provide an extremely smooth shave without being overly aggressive.


 Satin finish, solid stainless steel razor. 91 mm long handle Brand new design made in Japan. Supplied in a red gift carton with 5 Feather New Hi-Stainless blades. A stunning razor.


The Merkur Progress 500 safety razor dubbed the 'Digress' by members of the UK wet shaving forum The Shaving Room is retrofitted in the UK with a custom made brass (HD) dial and calibrated for improved adjustment and dial accuracy. Gone is the plastic ...Read more


The Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor in Gunmetal Graphite is a precision tool that is perfect for beginner wetshavers and experts alike.


 Merkur 510 Progress Safety Razor is a classic premium quality safety razor, this DE traditional razor is a fully adjustable model. The 510 is the long handle Progress version.


Merkur 38C Barber Pole, this stunning Barber Pole safety razor is finished in shiny chrome, a beautiful shaving tool by Merkur.


Merkur 43C is a Chrome & Stainless Steel duo finish HD long handle safety razor.


The Merkur 46c Travel Razor is highly practical and comes with a very luxurious leather travel case. The case shuts tight with a button fastener and it is embossed with the Merkur logo. Included with the Merkur 46c Travel razor is a packet of Merkur Do...Read more


Merkur travel safety razor with leather case. The handle section of this razor unscrews into two parts. One half then fits inside the other and together with the unscrewed blade section, it fits neatly into the leather case. This razor's head features ...Read more


Timor Gunmetal Butterfly Safety Razor, Giesen & Forsthoff Timor butterfly safety razors are ideal for customers who are new to traditional shaving with a safety razor, as these razors are easy to use and non aggressive. The razor comes in four fini...Read more


The Merkur 39c Slant Bar nicknamed 'The Sledgehammer' within the wet shaving community has a slanted blade exposure, allowing an incredibly close shave. The 39C Slant Bar is a chrome plated long handled heavyweight safety razor.