'Seillean' Butterscotch Beehive Badger Hair Shaving Brush

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'Seillean' Butterscotch Beehive Badger Hair Shaving Brush

We are pleased to present our limited edition 'Seillean' shaving brush. The 'Seillean' badger hair shaving brushes are handmade using the 'finest' grade hair. The quality of this 'finest' badger hair is on par in terms of softness with much of the Silvertip badger hair available, with the build of the 23mm diameter x 50mm loft (Bulb) knots from this high quality soft hair taking real manufacturing expertise. The superior quality resin Butterscotch Beehive handles in terms of shape and colour are among the most iconic, traditional and sought after in the wet shaving community. This limited edition shaving brush of only 50 pieces, handmade exclusively for The Gentleman's Groom Room of Dundee Scotland by a top European brush maker are engraved on the base with the word 'Seillean' Scot's Gaelic for Bee and each individual brush is serial numbered from 1 to 50 prefixed by GR (Groom Room).