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OUT OF STOCK The Omega Barber Pole shaving brush has a distinctive handle created in the style of a classic red , white and blue barbershop pole. The soft high tech synthetic fibers simulate badger hair and are gentle and luxurious on the skin. The...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Omega's fantastic little Mighty Midget (mixed midget) badger boar hair shaving brush. Height 73 mm Loft: 43 mm Base: 30 mm Knot: 20 mm Approx. dimensions


Omega HI-BRUSH fiber shaving brush - Glow in the dark Transparent resin mixed with phosphorescent pigment powder. AKA Ghost Brush, Halloween Brush or Blackout Brush. Knot: Hi-Brush Handle: Resin Size: 125mm Color: Green


The Omega Alum Stick is made from a natural mineral that is revered for its ability to soothe shaving irritation and help stop nicks and cuts from bleeding by just wetting the Alum with cold water and applying to face after shaving. It has been kno...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Omega ceramic shave lather bowl handmade in Italy lovely bowl and great packaging.