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Boar Hair Shaving Brushes


Established in 1954, Semogue are famous for their expertise in working with boar hair, the 830 is a perfect example of their stunning and unique designs.


Cella gift set containing the famous Italian shaving cream (soft soap) , aftershave splash and a Cella boar brush. Lovely box set!


Progress Vulfix 404 Grosvenor Mixed Badger and Boar Hair Shaving Brush, the lathe turned handle is hand filled with a mix of Pure badger and Boar hair which provides a good backbone yet softens up with use making it ideal for both soaps and creams. Reg...Read more


Proraso Boar Hair Shaving Brush a fantastic value chrome finished shaving brush from the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand. Contains real boar hair which is slightly coarser than Badger hair, but less expensive.