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Hair Care


Dr Dittmar Handmade Real Horn Moustache And Beard Comb, due to the raw natural material used for this product no two combs are identical and vary from light to dark horn.


GB Kent Folding Pocket Comb a100mm fine toothed folding comb with a pocket clip.


The GB Kent Slim Jim Pocket Comb a 120mm fine toothed men's pocket comb.


Trumpers almond shampoo, perfect for dry hair, rich almond strengthens and protects hair. Almond range is extremely soothening and softening.


Handmade real horn moustache comb complete with The Gentleman's Groom Room logo, due to the natural materials used no two of our moustache combs are identical and colour will vary.  20mm x 100mm 


The Merkur Moustache/Eyebrow Razor is designed for getting around the hard-to-reach places. It offers Merkur's patented precision head and an extra long polished handle. It is for use with wedge-shaped blades and ideal for use on moustaches, eyebrows, ...Read more


Geo F Trumper Blue Pomade Hair Wax In Plastic Jar (100ml) A heavy dressing to hold the hair and provide sheen. For all hair types and colours.


Geo F Trumper Coconut Oil Shampoo in Plastic Travel Bottle (200ml) This coconut shampoo has been specially formulated to treat dry hair.


Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Shampoo in Plastic Travel Bottle (200ml) Suitable for all hair types.


Geo F Trumper GFT Hair and Body Wash (200ml) This 2 in 1 wash carries the signature GFT fragrance. A citrus fresh gel with mandarin, bergamot and lemon on a musk like base of cedar and moss, this hair and body wash is a must have for your travel or gym...Read more


Geo F Trumper Lemon Shampoo Plastic Bottle 200ml The vivid, bright zest of lemon oil awakens the joie de vivre of inspiration. This specially formulated shampoo boasts a distinctive, clean, fresh scent. Uplifting and rejuvenating, this is an exceptiona...Read more


Pashana American Bay Rum 250ml, Pashana American Bay Rum Hair And Scalp Tonic is a classic traditional barbershop scent. Pashana hair tonic has been used by discerning gentlemen for over 100 years to maintain healthy hair and stimulate and invigorate t...Read more