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Hairdressing & Pomades


Taylor of Old Bond Street  Luxury Chamomile hair spray. Pump action - environmentally friendly.


For those who like it real strong we present to you Uppercut Monster Hold pomade. Extra powerful, sweat resistant and great for all styles.


OUT OF STOCK Pashana American Bay Rum Hair And Scalp Tonic is a classic traditional barbershop scent. Pashana hair tonic has been used by discerning gentlemen for over 100 years to maintain healthy hair and stimulate and invigorate the scalp.


OUT OF STOCK LA-EM STRAIGHT GEL POMADE delivers firm hold for sleek, straight styles, and maximum hold.


OUT OF STOCK Murrays Original Superior Hairdressing Pomade, Murray's original pomade is one of the leading hair pomades, stylists worldwide praise Murray's versatility and ability to create any style. Adds texture, shine and lift while holding the h...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Geo F Trumper Blue Pomade Hair Wax In Plastic Jar (100ml) A heavy dressing to hold the hair and provide sheen. For all hair types and colours.


Trumpers Lime Gel Pomade provides a firm hold for the hair, for those that require extra control to create their desired style. Fragranced with the scent of fresh limes.


ABC Capiscum and Menthol hair lotion helps reactivate the blood circulation of the skin and hair bulbs, thus strengthening the hair. It is recommended to apply a few drops to the scalp after washing the hair by gently massaging it with the tips of t...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Layrite Cement provides incredible all-day hold with a clean matte finish. Grips and binds individual hairs together to thicken and shape , creating dry, messy textured looks or high elevation styles. Water soluble , holds like a wax bu...Read more


Captain Fawcett’s Sea Salt Spray lifts landlocked follicles like a flurry of wild wind. Plant extracts and sea minerals condition and nourish while rich emollients fix moisture, adding natural texture with a matte finish. Created with salt from one of ...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Morgans Hair Darkening Pomade gradually darkens grey , Morgans hair pomade was registered in 1873 when Robert Martin introduced the product to the fashionable hairdressers of London's West End. Now, approaching a century and a half late...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Formulated to give you a great medium hold with a healthy matte finish. This product will go in super smooth, without any hair tugging like you may be used to with other products. This will allow you to instead focus on the styling asp...Read more