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Geo F Trumper San Remo Beard Oil

Geo F Trumper's new San Remo Beard Oil has arrived at our Dundee store! San Remo - City of flowers, known for riviera glamour, with sub tropical vegetation and surroundings. The fragrant air is a mixture of Palm Trees, Cactuses, Carnations, Begonias a...Read more

Haslinger Shaving Soaps

Haslinger Soap Company was founded in Vienna shortly after the Second World War in 1949, when the chemist Georg Haslinger took over an Austrian soap factory that had been in existence since 1890. Haslinger manufactures first class shaving soaps with hi...Read more

Nesti Dante Soaps

Just arrived from Italy, Nesti Dante bath soaps. Made with love and care in Florence Italy since 1947. At The Gentleman's Groom Room we are now stocking the fragrances of Mint & Quince Pear, Olive Oil & Tangerine, Citron & Bergamot, Lavende...Read more

Dirty Bird In Flight to Scotland

The Dirty Bird's are in flight from the USA and are expected to land at The Gentleman's Groom Room Scotland sometime next week. After months in the making the Dirty Bird pottery shaving scuttles and brush scuttles are now due to arrive at our Dundee st...Read more

Floid Aftershaves

Latest arrivals from Spain to our Dundee shaving shop, Floid aftershaves 150ml bottles , Vigoroso, Suave and Black. Since 1932, Floid splashes have been esteemed and renowned worldwide. Suave aftershave has a sweet, fruity fragrance reminiscent of a vi...Read more

New Kent Beard Brush

The new Kent beard brush has arrived at our Dundee store. Handmade in the UK the Kent beard brush has a fantastically tactile wooden handle with specially cut and shaped boar bristles to improve brushing performance. Each brush comes with a beautiful h...Read more

Floris Jermyn Street Eau de Parfum

Now in stock at The Gentleman's Groom Room is the latest addition to our Floris range. Floris Jermyn Street Eau de Parfum was inspired by what has been the backbone of the Floris family business for nearly 300 years in the unique area of London that is...Read more

Antica Barbieria Colla

Established in 1904 in Milan, Antica Barbieria Colla is one of the oldest and most prestigious barbershops in Italy. Antica Barbieria Colla's products were originally used in their salon and made exclusively for La Barberia. These products have been r...Read more

The Cement Has Arrived!

In-store now, Layrite's new hi-hold matte hair clay. incredible all day hold with a clean matt finish. Grips and binds individual hairs together to thicken and shape, creating dry, messy textured looks or high elevation styles. Water soluble, holds lik...Read more

Digress Double Edge Razors

A note to let our customers know, that due to the very high demand for these razors at this time, there is presently a two to three week wait on all Digress razors ordered. We will update this post once our shop stock levels have caught up with the dem...Read more